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Tiara Vine, bridal combs, bridal jewelry

Tiara Vine


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Product Description

Exquisite wedding tiara vine features a cluster of crystal flowers abounding with brilliant Swarovski crystal and rhinestone sprays. The shimmering silver sprays on this flexible crystal hair vine can be positioned to accommodate any special occasion hairstyle. Adds the drama of couture styling with understated elegance.

• swarovski clear crystal and rhinestone sprays

• vine is 12 1/2" long and 1 1/4" high

• 2 silver combs for positioning on any hair style

Bridal combs from Coloriffics. 


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There will be a 50% restocking fee on any allowable returns that are not due to manufacturers errors. 

A simply, stunning tiara for your wedding. The tiny clusters of flowers, silver sprays to catch the light and glimmer. Crystals and detailing are spectacular in this bridal tiara. It is your special day, you are the star of the day, all eyes are on the bride embrace the day and wear a tiara! 

This sparkly, lovely tiara would be beautiful on any bride. Plan you hair style around the tiara - a pretty updo with the silver sprays nestled your locks, longer style with the crystals shining from above - any and all will work and look delightful with this tiara! There are spectacular hair idea's on this board from Pinterest! Gather ideas and practice with your favorite stylist. You will be able to create the dream look you imagine and have fun at the same time! 

You have been planning your wedding forever! The dreams have changed since you were a little girl - but they have remained the same too. You want to be a princess bride. A glowing princess bride. A ravishing, gorgeous, striking bride. Every single princess has a tiara! 

As your prepare for your special day - all of the elements are important. Pretty Coloriffics Bridal Lingerie to start the look, a dazzling dress, pretty earrings, necklace and bracelet. Then the crowning touch - the princess touch - your tiara! 

After the wedding don't put the tiara away! Keep it close by for those moments in life when you need your princess icon. After a hard day in the office, wear the tiara when cooking dinner - or order out, princesses don't cook! A glance at the tiara will bring back warm memories of your wedding day. Imagine the smile on your husband's face when he comes home and finds you wearing the tiara! He will remember your wedding day and smile.