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Anna's Coloriffics Chatter: Malibu

Anna's Coloriffics Chatter: This sandal is all about comfort, comfort, comfort! I could probably run around town, up and down some hills, run 23 and a half errands, and then straight to the bar in these sandals and be completely fine, that is how comfy they are!! If I ever end up on that honeymoon I keep talking (and dreaming) about the Malibu sandal will totally be coming with me. As for outfits, I would wear the Malibu with almost anything. If I were wearing jeans and a tank, Malibu would be included. If I were wearing a polka dotted sun dress, Malibu would be included. If I were wearing shorts to lunch or a skirt to work, Malibu would ALSO be included. Knowing me, I would probably wear them in the shower because I'd forget to take them off they are so comfy. This sandal is flexible enough to take you everywhere and back again. Don't forget Malibu's gold accents, super adorable. The t-strap shape helps elongate the legs for all us shorties, myself included! This sandal is suitable for everyone also! From all my younger ladies to the young at heart, no matter how many years you have on the roster, this sandal will make you smile. The only this I would change about this sandal is the color selection. I WISH they came in every color because I would totally purchase them in all colors.

Oh man, after all this Malibu talk, I could really go for a Malibu pineapple...is it 5pm yet?

Until next time shoe lovers! Glitter and love, Anna

(All chatter above is my personal opinion, if you don't agree that is totally ok! Better yet, let me know what you would wear the Malibu with on any of our social media outlets: facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, polyvore!) Whether you agree or not, I would love to hear from you!