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Blush Pink Wedding Shoes update to Jane in Nude

Want to know what I think about the new Jane?!

Jane in nude

Anna's Coloriffics Chatter: If you love the classic look and shape of a pointy toe stiletto but can't or don't want to wear the heel height, Jane is the perfect pump for you! Are you searching for blush pink wedding shoes? Update your look wiht this neutral nude with sparkles. Jane can be worn with ease all day long. Wear Jane pump to the office and then a quick change of top before heading out to dinner with your co-workers, hubby, or girlfriend/s. After dinner, if you are feeling really wild, head out on the town for some amazing dancing! I swear, Jane will keep you going all day and all night.  You could easily wear the Jane with any outfit, from work attire, dresses, shorts, pants, skirts, anything! Personally, I think Jane is the perfect "mom" shoe. Jane is a signature style that will last in your closet for years to come, if you ask me! Jane is nude is the perfect nude pump every woman searches for!

Anna's Fit Facts: Jane is true to size.

Jane looks like she would be a stiff pump and hard to break in but this is not the case at all. Jane is comfortable and fits like a glove, making the "break in" process painless. Jane does not give any toe cleavage. Jane's heel height is ideal for all day wear. You could easily go from the office to dinner to dancing in the Jane pump.

That's all from me, for now...

Love and Glitter, Anna

(All chatter above is my personal opinion, if you don't agree that is totally ok! Better yet, let me know what you would wear the Jane with on any of our social media outlets: facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, polyvore!) Whether you agree or not, I would love to hear from you!