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Megan's Coloriffics Chatter: Vanna

Want Megan's personal opinion on the Vanna satin sandal? Below she dishes on why Vanna is a must!

Megan’s Coloriffics Chatter:  Vanna is the classic open toe strappy d’Orsay sandal with three AB stone embellished straps.  Two straps wrap around the front creating the open toe look, while one cascades across and up the foot connecting to the ankle.  Vanna has an adjustable ankle strap and a cushioned insole, providing her wearer with support and comfort, just like any best friend would.  Her color in coral (red) can be described best as a strawberry red.  She is the perfect pop of color and sparkle to add any formal ensemble.  Vanna is for a daring bride who wants to add vibrancy to her look.  Vanna is also the perfect bridesmaid shoe as she will complement every woman.

Don’t be afraid of colored shoes!  If anything they add sophistication to any modern bride.  Red shoes typically pair well with neutral colors such as black, brown, grey, nude, white, and deep navy.  They can even be worn with orange.  Avoid green with this shoe, unless you’re going for a seasonal look. Vanna is not just for an elegant evening, she can be worn to work or for a night out on the town.  Vanna in coral (red) will match well with a dark denim, skinny jean and casual top.  Her low heel is so comfortable; she is a great dancing shoe.  I would suggest scuffing up the heel before wearing her out.  She does have some felt on the bottom that may make the floor a little slippery.

As a true size 7, Anna’s fit facts are right on.  Vanna is comfortable and her straps fit nicely, without cutting off my circulation, which is sometimes an issue.  Vanna has a low heel - 2 ½” and is available in sizes 5-10, 11, and 12.  If coral/red is not the color for you, Vanna is also offered in a light satin purple or satin black.

XoXo, Meg