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Classic Coloriffics Shoes

Coloriffics Bridal Shoes 

As a shoe company in business for over 60 years, we have made hundreds of styles of shoes! 

As a fashion shoe company we create new styles every season: 

• trendy shoes
• fashion shoes
• colors and textures

Our super smart computer people tell us our shoe lovers are searching for older styles.

We love, that you love our older styles. Thank you. 

You asked for a list of discontinued shoes, we listened!

Please note this page is under construction. 

Below are Coloriffics/Sizzle/Jen & Kim/Miss Coloriffics shoes that have been discontinued and no longer available: 


Wedding Shoes  Evening/Prom Shoes 
Honey - Jen & Kim sandal with flower   

Bermuda - Sizzle sandal with rhinestones

Candance - Coloriffics dyeable closed toe        Coronado - Sizzle sandal with rhinestones
 Brandi- Coloriffics closed toe dyeable sling back  Shasta - Sizzle peep toe platform
 Brigette - Coloriffics lace platform pump  Andes - Sizzle peep-toe slingback
 Camyrn - Coloriffics peep-toe sandal rhinestones  Dominica - Sizzle beige ankle wrap sandal
 Carly - Coloriffics low heel dyeable sandal  Gaby - Coloriffics low heel sling back 
 Cassidy - Coloriffics dyeable sandal w/ankle strap  Geneva - Sizzle sandal with stones
 Jayla - Coloriffics low heel sandal  Giselle- Coloriffics sandal with ruffle
 Miranda - Miss Coloriffics sandal with rosettes  Miley - Coloriffics high sandal with heel cup
 Rave - Coloriffics peeptoe slingback   Orlando - Sizzle slide with rhinestones
 Deena - Coloriffics Low Silver Sandal   Rainbow - Coloriffics mult color peep-toe pump
 Lovely - Coloriffics ballet  Saturn - Sizzle black/white sandal
 Jada - Coloriffics sandal  Orlando - Sizzle Silver slide
 Bette - Coloriffics sandal Deena - Coloriffics silver sandal
 Melissa - Coloriffics sandal  Atlantis - Sizzle sandal
 Venus - Coloriffics peep-toe pump  
 Neptune - Coloriffics peep-toe pump